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We service all areas in and around St Francis Bay.

Evolution Waterproofing is an approved Evolight Torch-On applicator. All torch-on applications are done above ground and have a 5-year guarantee, subject to a service every 2 years.

Evolight torch-on membranes provide high performance and reliable flat roof waterproofing, combining the qualities of exceptional performance with excellent handling characteristics. The membranes exhibit excellent dimensional and mechanical stability making them suitable as part of a built-up system, or as a refurbishment overlay to existing asphalt or selected surface bitumen membranes.


The torch-on system is a heat fused, UV stable roofing membrane that provides complete waterproofing protection for any kind of roof, deck or wall.

Bitumen torch-on is a specialized solution that works particularly well on flat concrete roofs. It also works well on foundation and retaining walls, parapet walls, expansion joints, corrugated and IBR roof laps and roofing screws, as well as gutters, flower boxes and water retaining structures. As a damp proofing measure, it helps to prevent the risk of water logging with the help of its water resistant surface.

Bituminous products are perfect for the waterproofing of roofs on buildings as they move with the structure as they are not too rigid and do not absorb water. Bitumen is a hydrocarbon and is created naturally from crude oil, it is a useful carbon store and does not generate greenhouse gases.

Made from a mixture of bitumen and polymers, which are applied to a polyester or fibre-glass reinforcement membrane, a stronger, sturdier membrane is created to protect surfaces against damp and water. This membrane is powerful; resistant to tears as well as punctures. The final result is bitumen torch-on sheeting, which can be applied onto flat roof surfaces and then measured for an exact fit.

As well as protecting buildings, bituminous roofing products can be in harmony with their environmental surroundings as different mineral finishes can be applied to the top surfaces.

Green roofs are also becoming more popular as the carbon footprint issues become more apparent.

The products have an extremely long life span, with most membranes having BS (British Standards) marks against each product name.

The fumes given off during installation are not harmful to human health and there is low noise pollution during application.

Bituminous membranes protect insulation and can reflect harmful sun rays. New products also contain photovoltaic cells that can produce solar energy.


Easy Application

After surface preparation it is as easy as rolling out and heating up the Torchon System. Because of the heat fused & self-adhesive properties the Torchon System’s membrane can be applied quickly and efficiently. Repairs are seldom necessary but if needed can be done easily.


The last thing you want to worry about in a storm is a leaking roof. The torchon system is a heat fused, UV stable roofing membrane made from high grade composite polyester. When the torchon system is correctly installed and maintained it could last for up to 25 years.


The application method of the torchon system makes it a very reliable waterproofing system. When using a blowtorch to fuse together different layers of modified bitumen membrane it creates a single watertight roofing system. The waterproof seal that is formed, seals all cracks and joints of the roof.

Long Term Value

The torch-on roofing system may not have the cheapest initial cost but because of its durability & reliability the long term value is absolutely worth it. With minimal maintenance and a live span of up to 25 years the torch-on system should be at the top of your list when it comes to waterproofing.


Some more benefits offered by torch-on bitumen:

  • Suitable for full water immersion as well as sub-soil applications, it an ideal application for sealing box gutters and flower boxes.
  • Able to protect buildings while retaining harmony with the building’s environmental surroundings thanks to a range of mineral finishes offered.
    Green roofing solution that offers a simple way to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Extremely long life span, with the majority of membranes offering global standards in quality.
  • Fumes released during installation are not harmful to humans and there is low noise pollution during application either.
  • Protect insulation and have the potential to reflect harmful sun rays (some products even contain photovoltaic cells that can produce solar energy).
  • Non-water soluble, non-biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.