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We service all areas in and around St Francis Bay.

Torch on Applications of Decks and Flat Roofs

Torch-on waterproofing is a bitumen-based waterproofing system used for flat, smooth surfaces. These include flat, concrete roofs and subterranean areas such as building foundations.

We apply the treatment with a blowtorch, heat-fusing it to the underlying surface. We then reinforce the treatment with a layer of silver aluminum paint to provide UV protection (this extra step isn’t necessary when the torch-on treatment is applied to building foundations where the sun doesn’t reach).

Torch-on typically comes in various degrees of thickness, but on these surfaces, a 4mm application is used.

Evolution Waterproofing supplies a 5-year guarantee on our Torch-on System.

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Made by Polyglass Ltd, Evolight is a a range of high performance polyester based torch-on membranes manufactured using Reoxthene, a revolutionary patented technology. Reoxthene membranes offer increased bond strength despite requiring less heat activation than conventional membranes, resulting in easier and quicker installation. The underside of Evolight and Mineral Evolight is protected by Polyflam, a special polyethylene film which melts upon torching. In the mineral version, the top surface is protected by a uniform layer of slate chippings and has a lateral selvedge for overlapping making application fast and secure.

Evolight torch-on membranes provide high performance and reliable flat roof waterproofing, combining the qualities of exceptional performance with excellent handling characteristics. The membranes exhibit excellent dimensional and mechanical stability making them suitable as part of a built-up system, or as a refurbishment overlay to existing asphalt or selected surface bitumen membranes.

Waterproofing of Roofs

We waterproof house roofs including flat roofs, concrete slab roofs, pitched tiled roofs, balconies, skylights, parapet walls, sidewalls, chimneys and chimney flashings, leaking chimneys, plumbing vent pipes, dome skylights, plumbing inspection covers, tiled roofs, roof ridging, IBR roofs, corrugated roofs and box gutters.

All Roofing Repairs

Cracked tiles; leaking roof. One unsightly and leaving your roof exposed. The other causing severe damage and discomfort. Fortunately, we have a customized waterproofing system specifically designed to remedy pitched tile roof problems.

If there is a roof leak, we will remove all the tiles and fit a plastic or membrane sheeting. We will then refit the tiles and also replace any that are cracked or broken – giving you a complete roof revamp, and keeping things sealed and sightly for the long-haul.